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Opiate Treatment If someone you know is suffering from opiate abuse they may need a rehab that treats opiate addiction. Women Drug Treatment Wellness center is an opiate addiction treatment center that helps women with their addictions and improving their life after opiate rehabilitation. Opiate abuse is a serious illness and should not be treated alone. Treating opiate addiction with professional treatment increases the odds of rehabilitation, relapse prevention, and a healthy life.

When taken as prescribed and under the supervision of physician, opiates can be useful in the effective management of pain. Often times, individuals will continue to take opiates to self-medicate emotional pain. The body adapts to the presence of the drug, an often results in withdrawal symptoms when the drug dosage is creased or stopped.

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Women who have developed an opioid addiction have alternative options of implementing new medication regimes and treatment through outpatient services. Many women opt for the use of Suboxone to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms. Enrollment into a Methadone Maintenance program has been beneficial to heroin abusers and buprenorphone may be prescribed for other opiate dependence. It is important to remember these opiate treatment alternatives are meant to be done in conjunction with other rehabilitation services in order for the woman to obtain full benefits. Women Drug Treatment Women’s Wellness Center recognizes the individual needs of each woman entering opiate addiction treatment and does accept women who are currently enrolled in a methadone maintenance therapy program.

If you or someone you know is experiencing opiate addiction, please contact Women Drug Treatment Women’s Wellness Center today. We do care and we can help.

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Things to know about Opiate addiction:

  • Opiates are commonly used to relieve pain
  • Highly addictive
  • Create pin sized pupils
  • Slur speech
  • Poor balance occurs