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Alcohol Treatment When a woman chooses Women Drug Treatment alcohol treatment program to help her overcome her dependency on alcohol, our dedicated team of professionals assess her specific needs and supports the journey to wellness.


Once assessed, we integrate group therapy and one or more types of counseling individualizing her alcoholism treatment plan based on her needs.


We include education in applicable topics such as the basic signs & symptoms of mental illness, nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and prevention, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis, effects of alcohol and drug use during pregnancy, personal hygiene, and the importance of medication compliance and management.

We also include family and parenting education to help family members who are affected by a woman’s alcohol treatment.

Relapse Prevention

Since women who have abused or have developed a dependency on alcohol have increased health concerns, and often engage in activities that could jeopardize their continued physical and emotional health addressing these issues while in treatment at Women Drug Treatment alcohol treatment center and learning preventative measures that can be incorporated post discharge is essential.

We teach coping strategies to help recognize and overcome daily triggers that might otherwise cause set-backs. And we teach how to accept and move on if a relapse occurs.

Discharge Planning for Continuum of Care

Early on in the alcohol treatment experience, continuum of care planning is developed by the clinician with input from the woman and individuals involved in her case management. Our medical team incorporates ongoing recommendations from the woman’s health providers, including appointments scheduled for post discharge into the continuing care plan.

For individuals who should not or cannot return to their former residence upon completion of their initial treatment stay, or for those that would benefit from a longer period of supportive housing prior to returning to their primary residence Women Drug Treatment makes referrals for placement in gender-specific sober living facilities such as halfway house, transitional living facilities, or sober housing and advocates for funding sources to assist in paying for these. These are comfortable and safe environments promoting a sober environment, balanced lifestyle, and support encouraging ongoing success in recovery plan.

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Assessment and Alcoholism Treatment

Ways Alcohol affects the body:

  • Malnutrition
  • Permanent redness on face
  • Swollen and/or red hands
  • Spider veins
  • Liver problems like Cirrhosis develop