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Women Drug Treatment Women's Wellness Center Outpatient Program is a client centered, adult women - only treatment program designed for individuals that have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder and/or a substance use disorder with accompanying mental health issues.
I really feel my Counselor cared and heard me! Incorporating DBT and Health Realization into my treatment plan was just what I needed. I know now I do not have to react to every negative thought or stressful situation that comes my way. Learning coping skills is exactly what I needed to continue with my recovery plan from my addictions. Jennifer See more Testimonials >

Outpatient Services

If someone you know is suffering from addiction they may need an outpatient addiction treatment program. Women Drug Treatment Wellness center is a treatment center that helps women with their addictions and improving their life after rehabilitation. Addiction is a serious illness and should not be treated alone. Treating addiction with professional outpatient treatment increases the odds of rehabilitation, relapse prevention, and a healthy life.

Typically women entering this program have experienced consequences due to their chemical (alcohol or drug) use and are in need of services that will allow them to continue with their daily lives. The outpatient drug rehabilitation program is also designed for women who have had previous treatment and have experienced a recent relapse, or are stepping down from a higher level care such as residential treatment and are in need of continued support as they re-enter their community and resume daily routines. Women Drug Treatment incorporates Motivational Interviewing techniques throughout the assessment and treatment experience. Our Women Drug Treatment Outpatient treatment services are designed by women for women. We believe treating woman’s mental health concern’s simultaneously with treating the alcohol and or drug problem crucial in achieving the best recovery outcomes.

Key Components offered include:
  • Psychiatric services
  • Medication Management and Health Education
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Family Education
  • Trauma Sensitive Environment and Programming
  • Curriculum based on Women's Issues and Overcoming Obstacles to Wellness
  • Holistic approach to treating mind, body, and spirit promoting an affirming treatment experience
  • Day and Evening Hours Available

Women Drug Treatment Women’s Wellness Center programs utilize an integrated model to addiction treatment. This approach allows for women to seamlessly move from one level of care to another to meet the woman’s individual situation and needs relating to alcohol or drug abuse or dependency. Program is located approximately one block from access to public transportation.
Should you or someone you know be in need of additional information or assistance with obtaining an assessment (evaluation) or drug and/or alcohol treatment please contact:

Women Drug Treatment Women's Wellness Center
Outpatient Treatment Program

Day and Evening Hours Available
We are located at 135 East Colorado Street in St. Paul, Minnesota 55107.

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