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I really feel my Counselor cared and heard me! Incorporating DBT and Health Realization into my treatment plan was just what I needed. I know now I do not have to react to every negative thought or stressful situation that comes my way. Learning coping skills is exactly what I needed to continue with my recovery plan from my addictions. Jennifer See more Testimonials >

Women Drug Treatment Women's Wellness Center offers Inpatient Rehab Treatment

If someone you know is suffering from addiction they may need an inpatient drug rehab. Women Drug Treatment Wellness center is a treatment center that helps women with their drug addictions and improving their life after rehabilitation from their addiction. Addiction is a serious illness and should not be treated alone. Treating addiction with inpatient treatment increases the odds of rehabilitation, relapse prevention, and a healthy life.

Women Drug Treatment’s Residential inpatient treatment program offers a safe, secure environment to begin your journey of wellness. Women who are participating in the inpatient program are removed from their daily living environment and responsibilities such as employment and parenting, allowing them the time to focus on their program of wellness.

Our residential inpatient treatment program is located at 135 East Colorado Street in St. Paul, Minnesota. By offering two distinct tiers of treatment we provide services to adult women experiencing problems with substance use disorders and to those with co-occurring disorders. Unique in our approach to substance use disorders, we combine treatment services with psychiatric and psychological services to assist women with co-occurring disorders while simultaneously managing most medical conditions that do not require hospitalization.

Women Drug Treatment’s eclectic program model recognizes the need for individualized treatment services. Our emphasis is on providing client centered, trauma sensitive treatment services. We utilize a whole person approach as drug and alcohol use affects both mental and physical well-being. We listen, we respect, and we understand. We can help.

Our center is located in a residential neighborhood and encompasses over 28,000 square feet. The distinct layout of our building design provides for four separate households with semi private rooms. Each household has ample lavatory and laundry facilities. An expansive dining area provides space for not only eating but to socialize with others and share experiences.

Women Drug Treatment’s team of professionals are committed to building one-to –one therapeutic relationships that transcend even the most difficult challenges. Reaching out our hands and hearts to the women we provide services to builds the women drug treatment of recovery. With Change - Comes Clarity.
If you or someone you know is experiencing drug or alcohol problems, please contact Women Drug Treatment Women’s Inpatient Rehab Center today. We do care and we can help.

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