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What to Expect

At Women Drug Treatment Women’s Wellness Center you can expect optimum care with conventional and alternative approaches to mental health and sobriety.
I really feel my Counselor cared and heard me! Incorporating DBT and Health Realization into my treatment plan was just what I needed. I know now I do not have to react to every negative thought or stressful situation that comes my way. Learning coping skills is exactly what I needed to continue with my recovery plan from my addictions. Jennifer See more Testimonials >

What to Expect

Women Drug Treatment team members honor and salute your decision to change not only your life but the lives of your family members and concerned individuals who truly care for and about you.

Achieving balance and chemical health in Mind, Body, and Spirit is the destination but the journey begins with one telephone call to Women Drug Treatment’s Women’s Wellness Center intake personnel.

A professional intake staff member will speak with you over the telephone and obtain a brief confidential personal and medical history. Questions asked include previous treatment history, possible need for detoxification services, current medications, emergency contact information, and financial or method of payment for services. Once the intake process is complete and it has been determined your alcohol and or drug rehabilitation needs can be met at Women Drug Treatment, either in the residential or the outpatient program, you will be scheduled for admission or for an assessment to the respective program. If you are entering our residential program you will be informed of what to bring as well as what not to bring to the center. Should you require transportation for admission to our residential program our intake personnel can arrange this as well, depending upon your location.

Upon arrival you will be introduced to the Women Drug Treatment team, given a tour of the facility, and assigned a semi private room. At this time your medications will be handed over to our team of qualified nurses and for the safety of everyone all belongings are examined.

You will be provided with additional information such as hours of visitation, use of house phones, meal times, and your locker location where you can store small personal belongings.

During the first few days you will get acquainted with your counselor, roommate, and Women Drug Treatment’s community of women. You will gain familiarity with your daily schedule including serving schedule for meals and medication times. At any time during your stay feel free to approach any of our staff regarding questions or concerns. There is staff on site 24 hours a day.

Often individuals initially experience fatigue, irritability, agitation, impatience, and other emotional and physical symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms your body is experiencing are natural and can be managed by medical personnel, sometimes with medication. With each and every day of a drug and or alcohol free lifestyle you will notice the symptoms lessen in intensity and often disappear. Our supportive and nurturing care during this time and throughout your treatment experience is our promise to you. Wrap yourself in the caring embrace of Women Drug Treatment.

For more information regarding Admission procedures at Women Drug Treatment Women’s Wellness Center contact Women Drug Treatment.

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