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We focus on providing Individualized Treatment Services utilizing a Multi Disciplinary Approach with emphasis on treating the MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.

I really feel my Counselor cared and heard me! Incorporating DBT and Health Realization into my treatment plan was just what I needed. I know now I do not have to react to every negative thought or stressful situation that comes my way. Learning coping skills is exactly what I needed to continue with my recovery plan from my addictions. Jennifer See more Testimonials >

Our Distinct Services

Women Drug Treatment offers distinct and individualized treatment referral services which include alternative treatment for addiction. We connect you with centers that offer wellness treatment for addiction and mental health including holistic treatment, education, and services.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals is dedicated to providing effective evidence based treatment services to women entering Women Drug Treatment’s programs. Women Drug Treatment’s specialized dual diagnosis treatment model is individualized to address the woman’s drug and alcohol abuse or dependency issues while simultaneously integrating medical and mental health care services.

Embracing a holistic model of wellness, our personalized care approach is the foundation of the treatment process. Distinct services offered by the care provider focus on the woman’s innate health and ability to make positive lifestyle changes.

We believe in treating the mind, body, and spirit through a whole-person approach, “one –size- does- not -fit -all” philosophy of care. Our choice of eclectic program designs offers individual and group therapy, psychiatric and psychotherapy (using dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapy, and family based education), health services, nutrition education, relapse prevention education, and varied complementary services.

Medication Management

We network with facilities that combine psychiatric and psychological services combined with medication to treat addiction. Read more ...

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) has emerged as an effective treatment for a broad range of complex and difficult- to treat -disorders. DBT focuses on helping the woman develop skills for regulating emotions. DBT is based on the synthesis of cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT) and mindfulness practices. Read more ...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a short term focused approach to assist the women at the treatment center in gaining or identifying coping skills and strategies, including awareness to the situations in which they would most likely return to the use of alcohol or drugs. Working together, the licensed alcohol and drug counselors and the women identify thought process, feelings, and circumstances relating to before and after use. Read more ...

Holistic Services

Mindfulness Education and Therapy (Health Realization) is based on a holistic health model of treatment and focuses on these basic principles. Read more ...

Obtaining and maintaining physical wellness is a vital recovery component. While psychiatrics address stabilization of mental health issues, the facility's dedicated team of licensed nursing personnel provide health and prevention education. Read more ...

Relapse Information

Relapse prevention is one of the most crucial program components offered through our recommended wellness centers in providing effective treatment for substance use disorders. Licensed alcohol and drug counselors assist the woman in identification of warning signs that may lead to relapse (return to use of alcohol or drugs post a period of intentional sobriety) and development of prevention strategies. Read more ...

Wellness Education

Women Drug Treatment believes providing education to both the woman and the individuals significant in their lives while they are engaged in the treatment experience is essential in achieving healthy reunification of the family unit. Women involved in alcohol and drug use most often present to the treatment environment with unresolved issues relating to their feelings of shame, guilt, and estrangement from their children. Read more ...

Discharge Planning

For individuals who should not or cannot return to their former residence upon completion of their initial treatment stay, Women Drug Treatment makes referrals for placement in a gender-specific sober living facility such as a halfway house, transitional living facility, or sober house. These are comfortable and safe places promoting a sober environment, balanced lifestyle, and support to encourage ongoing success in the recovery plan. Read more ...

Dual Diagnosis

What does dual diagnosis mean and why is it important to address in a rehab setting? The term dual diagnosis is often used interchangeably with the terms co-morbidity, co-occurring disorder, and dual disorder. Women who experience a dual diagnosis often face a wide range of psychosocial issues and may experience multiple interacting illnesses (more than two). Read more ...

Outpatient Services

Typically woman entering a program have experienced consequences due to their chemical (alcohol or drug) use and are in need of services that will allow them to continue with their daily lives. The outpatient treatment programs we recommend are also designed for women who have had previous treatment and have experienced a recent relapse, or are stepping down from a higher level care such as residential treatment and are in need of continued support as they re-enter their community and resume daily routines. Read more ...

Assesment Services

We have referalls to Outpatient Assessment Services to determine diagnosis, recommendation, and /or referral for individuals having concerns regarding their substance use. A licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC) performs a substance use disorder assessment. The assessment details the woman's substance use history, previous treatment history, legal history. Read more ...

If you or someone you know is experiencing drug or alcohol problems, please contact Women Drug Treatment Women's Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center today. We do care and we can help.

Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Outpatient Dual Diagnosis
Assessment and Treatment

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