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Distinct program services provided in a beautiful setting with four separate households –JOY, HARMONY, SPIRIT, AND FREEDOM- providing a homelike environment to begin your wellness journey.

ABOUT Women Drug Treatment

Women Drug Treatment: A Women's Wellness Center

Women Drug Treatment Women's Wellness Center is a supportive, women-focused wellness center focusing on providing dual diagnosis treatment services to adult women (ages 18 and above) experiencing life problems with chemical use.

Located in a warm, friendly residential neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota Women Drug Treatment offers unique services in both the Residential and Outpatient settings. Along with providing Assessment Services, each of Women Drug Treatment's programs has distinct levels of care offered:

Residential Treatment Program
  • Dual Diagnosis Inpatient (primary) Care
  • Chemical Dependency (primary ) Care
  • Partial Day Treatment
  • Extended Dual Diagnosis Care
  • Extended Chemical Dependency Care
Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Assessment Services
  • Dual Diagnosis Care (incorporating a step down focus as the woman progresses in the treatment experience)
  • Continuing Care Support Group available
Our diverse wellness programs utilize principles from Mindfulness (Health Realization), Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Women for Sobriety, Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Family Dynamics, and incorporates the work of Dr. Stephanie Covington. We accept women enrolled in alternative therapies such as methadone maintenance and Suboxone.

Paying special attention to providing a safe, trauma sensitive environment, Women Drug Treatment's team of professionals is committed to our organization's credo;

Honor the Challenge
Embrace the Journey
Lead the Way

For Residential Treatment call 651-489-7740
For Outpatient Assessment and Treatment please call 612-278-1977

For Transportation Availability and Resources please contact Intake Personnel at either program.


Minnesota, Florida, New Jersey
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Women Drug Treatment Womens Wellness Center